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"I developed this logline creator to help myself come up with ideas for movies and create loglines for screenplays I had already finished. I found it pretty useful, and I hope you do to. Happy writing!"

Mitch Moldofsky is a toronto based writer-director.. His first short film, The Briss, was sold to The Sundance Channel, featured at international film festivals from Los Angeles to New York, and was among the most watched films at an early short film website, alwaysi.com, and picked up for a Best Of The Web DVD compilation. His follow up, How to Make a Souffle was selected to be part of the New Filmmakers series at the Anthology Film Archives in New York.

Mitch's screenplays have been quarter and semifinalists in contests such as Austin Heart of Film, the Chesterfield Writers Project, Hollywood's Next Success, America's Best, Winfemme and Cinestory. One was optioned for two years and another (a psychological thriller with sexy bits) snagged a big time agent and came as close to the brass ring as you can possibly get without grabbing it (gotta talc up next time...).

Mitch has written, directed and performed theatre in Toronto, is a published cartoonist and journalist, and is the author of award-winning interactive training.


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