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1) The Briss

A young couple break up during a circumcision ceremony, proving there's more than one way to get a "briss".

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In Mitch Moldofsky's incisive short, a young couple decide to end their relationship while attending an early-morning briss, as family pressures and baby talk build around them. With Lori Pearlstein and Christopher Robertson.
Written, Directed and Produced by
Mitch Moldofsky
Run time: 13:30
Production Format: 16mm
Year of completion: 1998
The Sundance Channel, 2001-2003

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The Best of the Web, Vol. 1 / Multimedia 2000 Inc.
Independent But Not Alone, Toronto
TheatreFix Arts Festival, Toronto
National Salon des Refuses, Toronto
Blue Sky International Film Festival, Las Vegas
Flicker, Los Angeles
Off the Page, Toronto
New York International Film & Video Festival
NewFilmmakers, New York.

2) How To Make A Soufflé

A yuppie couple rent a cottage for a weekend to sort out their differences.

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In this blistering anti-romantic comedy, two busy people take to the country to try and save their rapidly imploding relationship. But can they put down the laptop and the Blackberry long enough to talk? With Jane Watson and Mitch Moldofsky.
Written and Directed by
Mitch Moldofsky

Produced by Ember Films
Run time: 21:05
Production Format: MiniDV
Year of completion: 2001
Internet sites,& (defunct)
NewFilmmakers, New York


1) Red Haired Girl

A woman forced to give up her child suspects she may have found her when she meets her fiance's childhood friend. .

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In this inspired "comitragedy," robustly diverse characters skillfully weave their way through a riveting story about the unpredictable and far reaching consequences of sexual misconduct..
Written, Directed and Produced by
Mitch Moldofsky
Run time: 75 min.
Production Format: One Act Play
Year of completion: 2019
Production History
Two workshop productions
Staged workshop, London Ontario Fringe Festival
, 2019



1) 40 Winks

Faced with the sudden need to train assistants, Carol Hunter, the first dream researcher to work with a new technology that lets you watch a person's dreams as they sleep, recruits her husband as a training subject. But she isn't prepared for what she sees.
"A powerful and highly marketable premise."
- Academy Writers Clinic

Semifinalist, Brass Brad Screenwriting Competition
Top 25 Thriller, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
Top 30 Finalist, Red Inkworks Competition

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